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We built a 300 sqft deck up at the lake. It makes for a nice outdoor room. We put a table and chairs out there too. By the way Buck loves it!

We also added a new tire swing in the front yard.

The lake is still WAY down (at least 6 feet). We can get the jet skis in but the boat is pretty doubtful. Latest rumor is that the work on the dam should be completed in June. Then we wait on the rain to start filling the lake back up.

Fishing is HOT! The shad are in and the fishing is on FIRE! Check out my fishing partners...Sara and Taylor.


Easter at the Lake The Easter bunny came to Brittany Bay! The weather was perfect (too windy to use the lake). We had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard and Big and Little Pa Pa (and Scarlett) visited. The girls had so much fun!


Halloween 2005 The weather was HORRIBLE but the girls still had a great time. Taylor was a fairy and Sara was a crab. Susie had a lady in San Antonio make the crab costume. Sara was insisted that she be a crab but you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a crab costume. A thunderstorm came through that night so Taylor and Daddy stayed home and handed out the candy. Mommy and the crab went to a party and did a little trick or treating.


Christmas 2006 - GirlsThe girls had a fantastic Christmas this year. Taylor's favorite present was by far the Hokey Pokey Elmo. Sara was just wondering when it was going to start snowing like it did last year. We had Christmas at our house (it is easier on the girls that way).


Christmas 2006 - Adults Our neighborhood friends had a progressive Christmas party this year. It was a lot of fun. The food was great and the company even better.


Fredricksburg Peaches We took the girls to San Antonio in spring 2004 so Sara could go to SeaWorld. We went up to Fredricksburg and picked some peaches. You really have to do this. It was so much fun and the peaches were fantastic. Taylor was too young to enjoy but we are definitely planning on doing it again soon. Kurt and Susie were our tour guides for the trip.


Hurricane Rita - August 2005 Hurricane Rita was our major fun this past August. It was a Category 5 a day or so before comming ashore and was supposed to hit Houston pretty hard. Lucky thing we decided not to go to the lake. The Lake Livingston dam had the highest recorded sustained windspeed in all of Texas!


Mexico Trip We went on a cruise to Mexico this summer with several of our closest couple friends. We went with the Bubba and Sharon Murray, Matt and Tiffany Schulte, and Von and Rhonda Jones. We had a blast with no kiddos around. We had a little run in with hurricane Stan but nothing too serious.